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dinsdag 31 maart 2009

I spend quit a lot of time searching on ebay for fashion finds.
And it's a pity but I can't buy everything I see, so here are some of my favourite (vintage) shops on ebay.




So sorry i didn't post anything last week. crazy week. But now I'm back.
The sun is shining and I got this amazing red Orwell jacket.

Orwell jacket, marc by marc jacobs scarf, hilfiger cardigan, diesel jeans, hilfiger pumps

And my doggy is enjoying the weather too! (sorry haha)

donderdag 19 maart 2009

anyway, I just wanted to say: "I love these schoes, they are so weird and awsome!!"
thank you christian louboutin.

my amazing photshop skills :kuch:
I'm wearing, tommy hilfiger pumps (they are a bit boring, but I love them, they really go with everything), diesel jeans, replay blouse, g-star jacket

zaterdag 14 maart 2009

yes! found a starbucks! finely, frappuchino with weird names, what else do you want?
Wearing: diesel flaired jeans (you can't really see it) season jacket and white sneakers but you can't see them either haha. h&m shirt

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