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vrijdag 31 juli 2009

First I had no time, then I had trouble with my camera (bought a new one), then my computer crashed!
But now, I have got time on my hands, a camera and a new lap-top.
It's time to get started with my blog again!
I met Ferry Vintage AKA Ferry van der Nat, as I told you, and I helped in his shop "30 days left" at the Arnhem fashion biënale.
It was so much fun to do! Thank you so much for the opportunity Ferry, and Winni.

Diesel jeans, Launch lovers cardigan, new Tods heels! (I LOVE my new schoes they're totally bananas)

Vintage Paco Rabanne from Ferry's collection
Me, Ferry, and the catwalk show choreographer of the Arnhem fashion Biënale

White Fong Leng dress

Vintage 60's

Vintage gorilla fur camisole

I forgot the brand but I totally love it, why haven't I bought it? damn..
Dior jacket




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