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zaterdag 2 mei 2009

Yes but I live in the most boring city ever, so no glamour heels and furry jackets for me tonight (well I'll wear them all day long, but as a glamorous house-outfit) Rare dress, Bureberry heels, vintage necklace, fake fur jacket.

Oh and I've a little shoe problem.
Maybe you can help me?These are the Sergio Rossi Eel wedge sandals.
Please let me know if you see these in 36,5

And then there are these, the new Tods peeptoe sandals.
Oh and also let me know if you see these in 36,5 please.

But okay which one do you like the most?

Xoxo Anna

48 opmerkingen:

  1. You look so glamourous! As far as the shoes are concerned I would go for pair N°1, the patent leather looks so good...*
    have a great week end

  2. I love the outfit ! The necklace and the dress are amazing ! The Sergio Rossi's shoes are beautiful. x

  3. i say the sergio rossi ones... you look so glamorous! i hope you find somewhere to wear this outfit =)

  4. You're so glam. My vote goes for the Sergio Rossi pair...the straps and color are so perfect.

  5. I do really like your shoes, it looks perfect with the rest of your outfit,, the shade of the dress is wonderful as well!

    agnes :)

  6. What a nice outfit ! The fake fur jacket looks very sweet

  7. nice nice nice! ^^
    about the shoes: dat eerste paar vind ik leuker.
    En trouwens, Heerlen is niet de most boring city ever, dat is Kerkrade al xD heb je ooit gezien wat voor winkels daar zitten? niet eens een H&M (niet dat ik daar nou zo vaak kom) of een SIX of zo.. Alleen een C&A (ja, jippie..) en een Hema (nog zoiets..)
    En okee, er is één winkel met best leuke schoenen en tassen en er is een met gekleurde haarverf (moet nog altijd eens een lok roze verven). en een cadeauwinkeltje, maar daar houdt het ook mee op. maarja, het kan altijd nog erger, moet je maar denken.
    Straks gezellig films kijken en roddelen en funfunfun!

    xx Kirsie
    (en wat een lange reactie trouwens xD)

  8. The Tods peeptoes, definitely. They're a little more refined in terms of shape and design for me. But the wedges would be way more comfier I bet.

    You look fantastic and very boho luxe in your outfit. You've been linked! Hope you don't mind.

  9. love the outfit! the jacket looks so nice with the dress :)

    xx, Geri

  10. oh oh! loving the shoe porn! i want it all! you look great dear xxx

  11. hey hey Anna!
    Ik wist niet dat je een blog had :) Je ziet er echt geweldig uit in die kleren, jammer dat iedereen je raar aankijkt als je zoiets bij ons op school aandoet, hè? Saaie mensen... :$
    Maja, ik heb samen met Nadja een blog (nog niet zo heel lang), ook over kleren en cupcakes enzo. Kijk maar eens n__n
    Fijne vakantie verder!
    x Fleur


  12. Hey fashionable Anna,

    I vote the first one. They usually wedges is really comfy and that's a most important. Don't U think?


    I have something (AWARD) for you in my blog.
    Please check it and I hope...you like it! :)))))


  13. hey, leuk jasje, echt heel mooi!! Je hebt gelijk er is geen glamour in ons saai stadje(dorpje eerder :P).
    Ik vind die van sergio rossi leuker, maar die anderen zijn ook leup ;).
    xx Nadja

  14. Ooo I would say the wedges. I know what you mean though, sometimes dressing up for the day is fun when you have no where to go. Or I make my friends go & have lunch & really overdress. Sometimes you just have too. Great outfit & shoes are so beautiful.

  15. love it all!


  16. you look so glamorous! i like the wedges best by the way, xo

  17. I've just found your blog and checked the older posts, it's superb; your Burberry heels are really awesome, no wonder you like them!
    I'd go for the Rossi wedges;)

  18. Well I love your outfits !!! The vest is beautiful !! I want it !!

  19. Glamorous indeed! =]

    You should plan a night out of town to wear that! It needs to be seen & ogled at by passer-bys.

    La C.

  20. fab outfit! and i love BOTH pairs of shoes, but i would go for the wedges as they have to be more comfortable. but this isn't about me and my weenie feet that hate heels. curious to know what you decide, but either way you will have some fab shoes!

  21. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  22. I really love that jacket. I prefer the wedges btw :)

  23. That outfit is so amazing, it shouldn't be reserved for just the house! Hit the city, girl! I live in small town New England and I'm dedicated to my heels!

    Also, both the shoes are lovely, though I'm particularly falling for the Sergio Rossi pair.


  24. I love you in last pic! Definitely! <3 You're beautiful!
    I have to say, Sergio Rossi Eel YES YES YES YES sweet! Lovely lovely! ;)

    XOXO Jamily.

  25. ouch! the shoes are cool! as cool as you! :D

    anyway, please visit my blog too if you dont mind, sweetheart.

  26. Oh my gosh, you look so gorgeous! The furry jacket is such an unexpected touch!

  27. im in love with that jacket, actually.

  28. wow i ♥ the faux fur jacket! so hot!


  29. lovely amazing!

    i love the wedges. And don't get stopped by the boring-ness around you, you are the joy and beauty. so spread it around town.

  30. love the outfit!! the shoes are both gorgeous, but I'll pick the tods!

  31. Thanks:) and your work is really nice

  32. Cute Jacket!, and i ♥ the last pic!

    xoxo MJ

  33. gorgeous,

    thanks for the link-up! i'm sure you may have already heard this, but you are so incredibly chic. like, if i could only step out wearing a coat like that on an ordinary day and have the guts for it. super cool.:)

    oh, and you've been linked as well.:)

    hmmm... i think i'd go for the sergio rossi's?

    much love


  34. i love the ombre dress and that coat is SO AMAZING!!


  35. Oh you look so amazing! I love the outfit =) I like the wedges better =)

  36. Gorgeous dress! You look so cute :-D


  37. LOVE your shoes! and i like the sergio rossi's better. please check out my blog,


  38. love the outfit, you look like a rockstar. and you are such a cutie!
    sergio rossi all the way

  39. Love the dress! And the jacket. And, well, the shoes. The whole outfits great!

  40. oh you're gorgeous! love the outfit. glamorous indeed

  41. I love this look!!



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