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zondag 31 mei 2009

I will not be able to post much the upcoming time, although I really love fashion-blogging, getting better is more important. I hope you all understand.
I'll answer all the comments and mails once in 2 weeks. But I'll try to post more often, just because I like it so much!
I'm really busy drawing my tutorials, this week I'll post the first one!
I hope you like it.

DIY jeans (yes, yes, I'll make a tutoriall about that too!), Moschino jacket, Burberry heels, Golden necklaces. (hm... don't have a better photo of them)


vrijdag 22 mei 2009

It's almost my birth day (Monday!) and I made a little wish list (keep dreaming Anna)

Kenneth Jay Lane Set of bangles

Louboutin Paquita 120 satin sandals

And of course a closet can't go without a Bailmain jacket

Oscar de la Renta dress

Emanuel Ungaro Branch Heel Sandals (looooooovveee)

I won't be able to post a lot of photos the upcoming days, so sorry ):

xx Anna

zondag 17 mei 2009

I downloaded Photo shop CS something...

I'm wearing my Malandrino dress as a skirt. Boring grey t-shirt. Burberry heels (I really need the Tods, they would look gorgeous with this, but I don't know if I'm going to spend all my money on those heels, maybe I'll see nicer shoes uh-oh, but they're so pretty... damn!) A vintage belt (oh I also think I need a fairy Prada bag with this... can someone rent me a million please?)

Xx Anna

I'm planning to make a DIY Stella McCartney T-shirt. And and and! I'll draw a "tutorial" so all of you guys can make it too (: (Don't tell me you don't like this T-shirt 'cause It's super cute!)

dinsdag 12 mei 2009

It's quite a while ago that I posted some pictures of me. Shame on me. But here are some new photo's.

My mum and I went to Douglas to get an Dior-make-up-make-over (isn't that a cool word?).
I tried to make a good photo of my make-up but it didn't work out totally. Sorry!

Gucci flats (aren't they cute? I stole them from my mum, sssst, haha), replay jeans, G-star dress/cardigan, vintage ring.

And! I was reading Vogue, they mentioned this totally awesome site!
I'm totally obsessed. It's so much fun to compose the perfect wardrobe.

xx Anna

zaterdag 9 mei 2009

One of the most creative collections of 2009.
From Russia with love. Pre-fall 2009 Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld.
I already posted something about the hair. But the whole collection is definitely worth a post too.

I love the Russian influence. It's traditional but not old fashioned.

Have a great weekend!

dinsdag 5 mei 2009

The sweet Geri tagged me, thank you so much!

I tag...
Nadja en fleur

I also got this award!
Thank you so much janetteria!

A little inspiration.

Long post, I hope you all liked it.

xx Anna

zaterdag 2 mei 2009

Yes but I live in the most boring city ever, so no glamour heels and furry jackets for me tonight (well I'll wear them all day long, but as a glamorous house-outfit) Rare dress, Bureberry heels, vintage necklace, fake fur jacket.

Oh and I've a little shoe problem.
Maybe you can help me?These are the Sergio Rossi Eel wedge sandals.
Please let me know if you see these in 36,5

And then there are these, the new Tods peeptoe sandals.
Oh and also let me know if you see these in 36,5 please.

But okay which one do you like the most?

Xoxo Anna

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