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vrijdag 3 april 2009

The sun is still shining, but I'm really really bored, so I made a little shoe wish-list (keep dreaming anna).

prada fairy heels
(I also really like the bag, I guess I'm just a girly girl)
ann demeulemeester lace-up-boots
margiela sandal booties
(boot/sandal how cool is that?!)

miu miu printed slinback sandals

And last but not least the new tods sandals.
(can I have the purple ones too please?)

enjoy the weather!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. haha! omg i have a shoe wish list too!
    the margiela sandal boots are definitely on mine... honestly, all the shoes from margiela this season are amazing

  2. Miu miu printed slinback sandals <333


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