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zondag 18 oktober 2009

It has been raining for days now, but I finaly managed to make some photos at a dry moment!
The light and the colours are magical now fall has come...

Inspired by Miu Miu and because of my love of all that shines I made these tights with autumn glitters.
I found these Marnis a few weeks ago while I was shopping with my mum (all shopping enventualy leads to shoe shopping :)) I totaly adore them! And they're a lot easier to walk on than they look, haha.
Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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  1. Hello darling Anna,

    U look so adorable... I love Marnis very much...I'm a huge platform/wedges fan, as U know...
    Yep, I would like to prepare a similar tights since I noticed this work from miu miu...

    Hope U had a great weekend!

  2. Super cool tights! you've done fabulous work! looks like we share something in common "Shoes"
    I really love the t-strap style and the color! great photos as well!

  3. awesome job on the tights! and i absolutely adore those marnis!!!!!!

  4. zo blij dat je weer post, want je foto's zijn echt supermooi!
    die schoenen zijn echt geweldig! en wat heb je dat leuk bedacht, met die panty, heerlijk :P
    blijf posten, Anna!
    x Fleur

  5. The autumn colours around you are gorgeous and your outfit is very cute.

  6. Those shoes and tights are AWESOME girl, totally love them to bits.

    Fantastic photos, beautiful.

  7. Ahh that shirt is such a beautiful colour =]

  8. Annaa is back!
    En weer even gorgeous als altijd =D
    Heb je die glitters er serieus zelf opgemaakt? Echt gaaf!
    We moeten nog eens snel iets leuks gaan doen, we hebben nu toch vakantie, tijd zat.
    Echt mooie kleuren, dat vind ik ook fijn aan de herfst, alles is zo mooi gekleurd. Als het tenminste niet regent, hihi.
    Ik ga zometeen even navragen voor je ww, en dan sms ik je wel ;-)

    xx K

  9. Lovely shoes, the tights are awesome as well, eye-catching!

  10. gorgeous shoes!
    i also love your green tunic. it looks great with your haircolor.



  11. LOVE your tights... Wish I could be that creative/DIY!




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