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zaterdag 14 november 2009

I posted this poncho a few weeks ago.
Here is how to make it!

1. You need mohair wool, use different colors and thicknesses, to give it a playful look.

2. Take the thickest needles you have, I used 12, the bigger the better.

(the scanner broke down, seems like no machine lives very long in this house...)

3. Don't knit too tight, just make it loose, with big wholes! (yes this time you may totally mess it up! :))

4. A square is just the base, if you know a better way of making a poncho, it's all possible. But not too much! Don't over do it.

I'm planning to make a little dress this way (: have fun with it!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. so beautiful! i love your choice in colours!

  2. Haha, cool :D
    Alleen jammer dat ik écht niet kan breien, zelfs dit zou nog in de soep lopen waarschijnlijk.. xD



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