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zaterdag 19 december 2009

I totally fell in love with Alaia. But damn... could I pick a more expensive brand to fall in love with?
Been chasing them at eBay for weeks now, no results. NOBODY WANTS TO SHIP TO EUROPE. It's so unfair. ):

But in the meanwhile, It's snowing! It's like We're stuck in an blizzard.

Jacket Moschino, stockings Wolford, wedges Marni, dress own design and make, bracelet DIY Hermes, earrings vintage.

You can download these bracelets at the Hermes site. Finely! This time the "nothing is for free rule"doesn't count....

Left is my own pattern on it, right the original Hermes design.

We finely got our christmas three all covered with cut-out ice-crystals! But more about that later.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. U look so pretty as always, darling Anna!

    And YEPP..I'm loving those Alaia...

    Please don't forget to enter the brooches giveaways!


  2. wow, you've an incredible collection of cloths and shoes!

  3. thanks for ur comment :) like to told u in mycountry is no snow :P

    i like ur outfit :D
    wanna follow each other ?

  4. Hee! thnx voor je comment, altijd leuk om fellow hollanders tegen te komen idd;) Prachtige outfit trouwens, very chic!

  5. Ahh I love it when snow comes :D Such a wonderful feeling. And you look lovely all poised by your window, true winter magic xx


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